Video: Lost Beach, ‘Classless Man’

Lost Beach
Lost Beach

In some wondrous woman’s estimation, Jonny Perdue is a “Classless Man,” but he is not grooveless. The new single from the L.A. quintet Lost Beach finds the scruffy Texan and bandmates Steve Stout, Zacc West, Davey Allen and Davey Latter settling into a comfort zone where the pace never exceeds the lapping of ocean waves on a calm day. It’s the band’s first single since releasing their “Nightbreak” EP earlier this year and it’s quite addictive. The video for the song, directed by Bruce and Marie Driscoll of Freedom Fry, finds Perdue in his slacker splendor hanging out in a beach town. Finally giving his “found” jacket and sharp boots a rest, he caps the day with a drink and wink … kinda classy, if you ask us.

||| Watch: The video for “Classless Man”

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||| Live: Lost Beach plays the KAABOO Festival in San Diego on Sept. 16 and the Hotel Café on Sept. 24.

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