Video premiere: Lauren Lakis, ‘Ferocious’

Lauren Lakis (Photo by Sam Bramble)
Lauren Lakis (Photo by Sam Bramble)

Baltimore-bred, L.A.-based Lauren Lakis fosters soul-searching, empowerment and, ultimately, catharsis via dark, moody pop that’s equal parts wall of guitar, wave of synth and wail of her incantational vocals. She calls it “doom-folk.” After serving in L.A. bands such as Hobart W Fink, Slow Coda and L.A. Nova (with whom she released an EP last year), Lakis is prepping her first release under her own name.

“Ferocious” is the title track to her forthcoming full-length. It’s a lament about someone whose heart might not be true, and the emotional maelstrom that comes with that realization. The video, filmed and directed by Fernando Sanchez and co-directed by the artist, projects those feelings into some dark dances. “The video for ‘Ferocious’ focuses on the push and pull dynamic in relationships,” Lakis says. “I wanted to create an overall vibe of sensuality and intimacy, even as the movements become violent and turbulent. Ultimately, at the end of the video, there is a coming-together; the person the song was written about, and I, always come back to this.”

Lakis’ album is due in early 2018.

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