Video: Wait. Think. Fast, ‘Endless Serenade’

Wait. Think. Fast.
Wait. Think. Fast.

Wait. Think. Fast.’s new album “Dale Tiempo,” released today, comes with a lot of mileage, geographic and emotional. It’s a journey in two languages that could hardly be told more beautifully.

The new album from the band’s creative core, the husband-and-wife duo of Matthew Beighley and Jacqueline Santillan, is their first since 2010’s highly regarded “Luces del Sur.” In the seven-year interim, there was life, death and birth: The couple moved from Los Angeles to New York to further their professional careers, returned to Southern California after the death of Santillan’s father in an automobile accident and, shortly thereafter, had their first child, a daughter. Both the transcontinental move and the seismic life shifts are revealed in the duo’s dreamy indie-rock, with florid orchestration and lyrics that slip from English to Spanish and back as effortlessly as Los Angeles itself does. See, for instance, “Manhattan.”

In August, the band released the rapturous first track “Count No Count,” and this week followed with the video for “Endless Serenade,” a visual reverie to match the song’s choral one. “Moon-colored heart and the worry / that I’ve been doing something wrong,” Santillan sings, so near the plane of the unburdened. That we should all be that close.

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