Video: Anna Schulze, ‘L.A. Let Me Go’

Anna Schulze (Photo by Emery Becker)
Anna Schulze (Photo by Emery Becker)

You are in a sweltering apartment, the noise of the city crowding your thoughts, two time zones from home: Are you “free,” or merely isolated? It depends on how the mind spins it, of course, and singer-songwriter Anna Schulze captures the detachment in her 2-minute acoustic meditation “L.A. Let Me Go,” from her 2016 album “Pickford Market.” Director Patrik Giardino’s video for song depicts the Minnesota native doing what a lot of people do in a sweltering apartment, lying face up in a tub of ostensibly cool water. At this moment, it sure seems as if Schulze is indeed “losing this West Coast war,” as she sings. On the contrary, though, the Silver Laker has been working on a follow-up to “Pickford Market.”

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