Video: Inara George, ‘Young Adult’

Inara George (Photo by Nikol Curran)
Inara George (Photo by Nikol Curran)

Before Inara George was one-half of the Bird & the Bee — but after her time in the bands Lode and Merrick, if you want to go back that far —  she was Inara George, solo artist, creator of smart, nimble pop songs. She released three solo albums between 2005 and ’09, one a collaborative effort with Van Dyke Parks, before teaming with producer Greg Kurstin in the Bird & the Bee and concurrently juggling other projects, like the Living Sisters (with Eleni Mandell, Beck Stark and Alex Lilly). Not to be overlooked in all that juggling is what some have come to call “adulting” — George is a mother of three, after all, and day-to-day life serves as inspiration for her new tune “Young Adult.” 

Directed by Jeremy Cohen, the video for “Young Adult” is a clever and poignant reminder that despite seemingly soul-deadening routines we’re all part of a bigger picture. “I wanted the video to try and capture that feeling when life straddles the mundane and the otherworldly,” George says. “So much of what we think and do in one day is the same thing that we thought and did in the thousands of days prior. But, sometimes, something happens that reminds us of who we were when we were a child, that there are volcanoes exploding all over the planet, that we are standing on an enormous orb that is just spinning in space, or that we live in a very complex and scary world where so many people are suffering in ways that are unimaginable.”

The song is from George’s “Dearest Everybody,” which comes out in January and sees her reuniting with producer Michael Andrews, who worked on her three previous solo albums.

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