Video: La Bouquet, ‘Kiss Me, Kill Me’

La Bouquet (Photo by Ward Robinson)
La Bouquet (Photo by Ward Robinson)

Bryan Sammis says the new music from La Bouquet passes what he and co-mastermind Jake Lopez call “The Night Drive Test.” It’s a ritual with which we are familiar: “If you can drive to a track late at night with the windows down smoking a cigarette, it passes the test,” Sammis says. “These felt right.”

La Bouquet’s new single “Kiss Me, Kill Me” is probably good for a long drive. With its echoing guitar (and a vicious solo to boot) and blood-on-the-pages lyrics, it embodies the whole “sad-music-you-can-dance-to” blueprint that the duo laid out in their first two singles “Loser Baby” and “Loveless.” “You’re like heavy sunshine / it hurts my eyes,” Sammis sings, invoking the title, “Heavy Sunshine,” of the debut EP the band will release on Friday. The EP will arrive via Washington Square Music, an imprint of Razor & Tie that’s home to artists such as Magic Giant, the Revivalists, Soren Bryce and Harts.

The video for the song, produced by Matt Torres and directed by Brad Bischoff, offers some heavy drama as well, revolving around a pre-wedding party in which the bride’s ex-boyfriend, played by Sammis, is in the band playing the affair. Not surprisingly, it ends up with Sammis driving around in a car, listening to a La Bouquet song on the radio.

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