Stream: Teenage Wrist, ‘Stoned, Alone’

Teenage Wrist (Kimberly Corday)
Teenage Wrist (Kimberly Corday)

Teenage Wrist began as a side project, but now the L.A. trio and their wall-of-the-’90s revivalism have taken flight: Epitaph Records today announced that it has signed the band (Kamtin Mohager, Marshall Gallagher and Anthony Salazar). The band debuted in 2015 with the “Dazed” EP and have followed with a few meaty singles, including “Stoned, Alone.” Inhale deeply and try and remember which posters were on your bedroom wall the last night you heard music like this. Of their deal, the band says: “Signing to Epitaph felt like the thing that was always supposed to happen for this band. We all grew up with the label and know how important their influence has been on the alternative and punk scene.” Details on a Teenage Wrist album are forthcoming, the label says.

||| Stream: “Stoned, Alone”

||| Live: Teenage Wrist perform at the sold-out Emo Nite Day on Dec. 2 at the Shrine. They also play Jan. 18 at the Hi Hat.