Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Join me at 11 a.m. on The Independent FM for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show. I’ll have the latest from Van William, the Gloomies, VOWWS, La Bouquet, I Hate You Just Kidding, Gregory Uhlmann, DAVIS, the Fontaines, Line & Circle, Draemings and Cassandra Violet, along with tunes from the likes of Dutch Party, Velvet, Emerson Star, Superet, Kat Meoz and Paper Pilots. Click here to stream the show at 11, and find a handy playlist and an archive of the show below.

Dutch Party, “Now and Later”
Van William, “The Country”
Teenage Wrist, “Stoned Alone”
Draemings, “Loveless”
The Gloomies, “Space” (feat. Madeline Follin)
VOWWS, “Forget Your Finery”
S//p (Slip), “Head on Backwards”
Emerson Star, “Wasted”
La Bouquet, “Kiss Me, Kill Me”
Velvet, “Even If I /Tried”
Paper Pilots, “Playing Games”
I Hate You Just Kidding, “Constellations”
Gregory Uhlmann, “Little Sur”
Midnight Sister, “Blue Cigar”
Line & Circle, “Vicious Folly”
Lone Kodiak, “Someone Else’s Future”
Kat Meoz, “Here I Wait”
DAVIS, “Los Angeles”
Cassandra Violet, “Invisible Man”
BORNS, “Faded Heart”
The Fontaines, “Playboys”
Cones, “Later”
Watch for Horses, “San Junipero”
TEST, “Hallways”
New Evil, “King of the River”
Sego, “Whatever Forever”
Ghost Lion, “Ballad of St. Panama”
Shere Disraeli, “Coffee and Weed”
Surely Lorraine, “Grandmother Tongue”
Goon, “She”
Superet, “Stockholm Syndrome”
Lawrence Rothman, “Shout”