Premiere: Lukas Frank, ‘Storefront Church’ EP

Lukas Frank
Lukas Frank

“Storefront Church,” the debut EP from singer-songwriter-producer Lukas Frank, feels like the sculpted indie-rock of a mid-career artist who got his start in the alternative heyday of the 1990s, not a 24-year-old’s first release. In a word, jaw-dropping. Self-released today without much fanfare, “Storefront Church,” offers five cerebral anthems steeped in atmospherics and drama. Making comparisons to Radiohead is always a risky proposition but here they are inevitable.

Frank started his career as teenager, drumming for artists such as Portugal. The Man, Kitten, Alexandra Savior, Phoebe Bridgers, HANDS, Black English and Decorator, and last week he released the single “Shame,” which features Bridgers and will appear in the upcoming Netflix series “Godless,” with music supervision by T Bone Burnett. He produced “Storefront Church” himself (except for “Red Mouth,” co-produced by Ryder Bach), and the release features contributions from Bridgers, Bram Inscore, Marshall Vore, Andrew Wells, Waylon Rector, Bryan De Leon and Daniel Rhine. As introductions go, this one’s as auspicious as it gets.

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||| Live: Lukas Frank plays the Bootleg Theater on Dec. 12, along with Harrison Whitford and Water Slice. Tickets.