Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Indie FM

The Independent FM

Join me at 11 a.m. for this week’s Buzz Bands LA Show on The Independent FM — this will be the last “regular” show of the year, since the annual Buzz Bands LA 101-song countdown begins next week. (Tip of the cap to Andrew Veeder for sharing his favorites last week, archived here.) This week, though? Music from Moaning, Lukas Frank, Jonathan Wilson, Moon Honey, Bedouine, Midnight Sister, Alex Rose, the Brinks, the Coals, Line & Circle and more.

Click here to stream the show at 11 a.m.; see the playlist and an archive of the program below. And happy Friday.

Moaning, “Don’t Go”
Draemings, “Loveless”
Line & Circle, “Vicious Folly”
The Luxembourg Signal, “Atomic No. 10”
Jonathan Wilson, “Over the Midnight”
Mt. Joy, “Silver Lining”
Ty Segall, “My Lady’s on Fire”
Lukas Frank, “Lying to Actors”
The Shelters, “Really Wanted You”
The Brinks, “Comatose”
Future Fire “Another Time (Life of a Sex Robot)”
Pacific Radio, “Kitchen Table”
VOWWS, “Forget Your Finery”
Vast Asteroid, “Sick”
Superet, “Loving the Animal”
Moon Honey, “Betta Fish”
Lone Kodiak, “Someone Else’s Future”
Bedouine, “One of These Days”
The Coals, “I Wanted a Lover, I Needed a Friend”
Van William, “The Country”
Cones, “Later”
Midnight Sister, “Blue Cigar”
Surely Lorraine, “Grandmother Tongue”
Motor Sales, “Kick It Off”
The Gloomies, “Space” (feat. Madeline Follin)
TEST, “Entertainment Tonight”
Goon, “Ten Tables”
Raener, “Howard County”
Alex Rose, “A Gun Called Patience”
Hundred Waters, “Wave to Anchor”