Video: Dent May, ‘90210’

Dent May (photo by Ian Tilghman)

Baring an impressive chest of hair, the “90210” video opens with Dent May floating in a pool, drinking champagne. He then appears at a white piano, wearing a white suit and sexy sandals, later joined by a hot older lady in a red dress who plays with his hair. These glamorous scenes in the city of endless summer are juxtaposed with May undergoing plastic surgery and coming out looking like Tennessee Luke. The bizarre scenario parallels a song May wrote about “feeling out of place at a fancy party” when he moved from Mississippi to Los Angeles. “90210” is from “Across The Multiverse,” released this year on Carpark Records.

The video was directed by Carson Culver, with cinematography by Sean Price Williams, who shot “Good Time,” currently May’s favorite movie, he points out. He’s also a fan of his video star Tennessee Luke (from “The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!”), whom he “recently witnessed deliver a stirring rendition of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ at a local comedy show.”

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