Premiere: Black Adidas, ‘Cocaine Eyes’

Black Adidas (Photo by Eric Stoliker)
Black Adidas (Photo by Eric Stoliker)

Black Adidas is the new name for the rough-and-tumble punk rock of Courtney Ranshaw, who arrives with a sneer, a jaundiced attitude and the disclaimer that “you’re not going to sell a car with my music, but you might have it playing in the next Penelope Spheeris movie.” While last fall’s single “Free Shit” lobbed stink bombs at a familiar punk-rock target — those who would sell out — Black Adidas returns this week with “Cocaine Eyes,” a woozy reprimand for the morning after you’ve gone nowhere fast. Pulling from all corners of punk-rock history, Black Adidas’ self-titled album, produced by Ranshaw (bassist in the on-hiatus punk trio the Lower Echelon) and recorded with David Newton, will be out Jan. 26.

||| Stream: “Cocaine Eyes”

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||| Live: Black Adidas plays the Satellite on Jan. 25, along with J. Bonigno and All Systems Know. Tickets.