Stream: Peach Kelli Pop, ‘Hello Kitty Knife’

Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop returns with a double-whammy this spring. Canadian label Mint Records will release a six-song EP, “Which Witch,” on Record Store Day, April 21, followed by the band’s 4th full length, “Gentle Leader,” on May 25. Where “Which Witch” features songwriter Allie Hanlon on her own, crushing one-minute-long songs, Hanlon co-produced “Gentle Leader” with engineer Roland Cosio, and brought in her bandmates Sophie and Gina Negrini to collaborate and play on the tracks, along with Mean Jeans drummer Andrew Bassett. Introducing the full-length, “Hello Kitty Knife” comes out the gate like an exploding firecracker. While there are some softer, more vulnerable tunes on the album, this first single is all about that punchy, guitar driven, video game power-pop.

||| Stream: “Hello Kitty Knife” from “Gentle Leader”

||| Also: Stream “Crooked & Crazy” from “Which Witch”

||| Live: Peach Kelli Pop’s record release show takes place May 25 at the Hi Hat. Tickets.