Premiere: Dream Phases, ‘Wicked Eyes’

Dream Phases
Dream Phases

Brandon Graham, the musician-around-town who has played with the likes of the Blank Tapes, the Relationship and Korey Dane, took some tim out over the holidays to pay some mind to his solo project, Dream Phases.. The trio debuted in 2017 with “Maybe Tomorrow,” an EP of warm, melodically rich psychedelic pop — liquid light show-worthy trips to a seemingly innocent and mysterious time, the ’60s. Graham’s Christmas break sessions with producer Mike Post have yielded a new 7-inch, “Easy Love” (b/w “Wicked Eyes”). The A-side is a full-bodied rocker about togetherness, while “Wicked Eyes” is a brief moment of doubt that asks “Do you still believe in me?,” rising like a mirage out of the reverb. The release is out Friday via Lunar Ruinsm and Graham is planning a Dream Phases full-length later this year.

||| Stream: “Wicked Eyes”

||| Also: Stream “Easy Love”

||| Live: Dream Phases plays in the Hi Hat on April 24, along with Send Medicine, Haunted Summer and Psychic Jiu-Jitsu. Tickets. Dream Phases also plays April 25 at the Wayfarer. Tickets.

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