Ears Wide Open: Momma


Momma’s Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten bonded over DIY bands at The Smell and Pehrspace, releasing their first EP, “Thanks Come Again,” in 2016, while in high school. After graduation, the two went off to separate colleges and reconvened during the summer with material to create a full-length LP. Co-produced by Robert Tilden (aka BOYO), the girls have a 10-track album, “Interloper,” slated for release on May 25 through Danger Collective Records. Reflective and moody, Momma’s songs navigate the haze of growing up with subdued, unhurried vocals over melancholic rock. It’s the sound of innocence singed at the seams and confidence being built up brick by crumbly brick.

||| Stream: “Work”

||| Also: Stream “Sidewalk”