Stream: Valley Queen, ‘Supergiant’

Valley Queen (Photo by Pooneh Ghana)
Valley Queen (Photo by Pooneh Ghana)

Natalie Carol is singing about stars, and for everybody waiting for the stars to align for L.A. quartet Valley Queen, that’s a good thing.

The song is “Supergiant,” and it’s the title track to Valley Queen’s full-length debut, coming July 13 via Roll Call Records. Like VQ’s previous work, it’s characterized by Carol’s siren vocals and Shawn Morones’ equally bright guitar work. Named for the fastest-burning stars in the universe, “Supergiant,” says Carol, “is about how we’re all made up of the same stuff as stars, and I liked the idea of tying the whole album together with that metaphor. It takes all the drama you hear on the record — the aggressive, chaotic moments, and the more beautiful or quieter moments — and puts it all into a more galactic perspective.”

Look skyward.

||| Stream: “Supergiant”

||| Live: Valley Queen perform July 28 at the Moroccan Lounge.

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