Premiere: Rachel Goodrich, ‘The High Song’

Rachel Goodrich (Photo by Michelle Shiers)
Rachel Goodrich (Photo by Michelle Shiers)

Part pop confessional, part hip-hop self-mockery, part stoner humor, “The High Song” is a beautiful tendril of musical smoke rising from the blunt of despair. It’s the new single from Rachel Goodrich, her first release since 2014, and a song so fetching you’re hard-pressed to believe it materialized when the L.A. singer-songwriter was fighting through a cloud of self-worth issues.

“The song came from a place of sorrow, feeling like I’m no good to anything or anybody,” says Goodrich, whose speak-singing on the verses inventories her shortcomings. “You know, ‘I forgot how to sit down and listen. … I forgot how to pay attention … I forgot how to say no to drugs.’ But at least I remember how to get happy.”

The song, produced by Matt Linesch, features Jenny O. on backing vocals, Mitchell Yoshida (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros) on Moog and Mike McGinnis. It’s out today on Yellowbear Records / Infinitespin Records.

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