Video premiere: T. Soomian, ‘Can’t Hold My Love’

T. Soomian

Directed by T. Soomian‘s former Silver Lake neighbor Eddie Obrand (whose credits include The Growlers and Ty Segall), the video for “Can’t Hold My Love” tells a sweet tale of exercise, actual phone chats, and perhaps a whiff of romance, or is that sweat? It’s the second single the drummer turned multi-instrumentalist has released this year as he prepares for a full-length album, “Love Relief,” which will emerge in 2019. Soomian, aka singer-guitarist Tad Ha (ex-Wild Betsy), describes his sound as “groovy, late 70s dad pop porno music.” Never seen a pornographic film with such a sweet summer-crush soundtrack, but he’s definitely got a guitar tone that can provide endless poppy grooves and perhaps that would be a nice thing to accompany people having sex. “Can’t Hold My Love” of course is a love song — about “the lack of ability to hold back your feelings for someone you just met or have known, not being able to play it cool in essence,” he says. And what does he want in life? “I like to provide fun for people — I genuinely do, like throwing parties or what have you, bringing people together and getting drunk.” An apt mission statement to usher in the weekend.

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