Stream: Echo Park Rising 2018, a playlist by Buzz Bands LA

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Here’s what’s great about L.A.: You can comb through the bands playing your friendly neighborhood festival and come up with a playlist of 100 songs (!) spanning six-plus hours (!) of music.

Here’s what’s frustrating about L.A.: The 100 songs doesn’t even rep half of the bands playing the eighth annual Echo Park Rising, which starts its four-day free-for-all on Thursday night.

It’s a bounty of riches, Echo Park Rising is. Buzz Bands LA’s super-sized Spotify playlist starts with a bunch of artists performing at our stage on Saturday (we thought it appropriate to be good hosts and all) and then takes off into the wild blue yonder of rock and pop and everything in between. Yes, we’re kind of sad that we drew the line at 100 songs. Hopefully, your lust for music discovery is as strong as your footwear: We’ll see you in the neighborhood this weekend.

||| See: Our updated list of set times here

||| Stream: Echo Park Rising 20918 x Buzz Bands LA