Ears Wide Open: Girl Friday

Girl Friday

Self-described “genre-confused rock band” Girl Friday doesn’t sound all that puzzled or muddled or perplexed. In fact, it makes sense that Vera Ellen, Libby Hsieh, Sierra Scott and Virginia Pettis draw on an array of sonic and socio-political influences plucked from various decades and identities. It is, after all, 2018. The L.A.-based band cites inspiration from the SCUM Manifesto, socialist propaganda, pro-women rallies, the Breeders, witchcraft, mall goths and surf rock. Since surfacing about a year ago, they’ve released an EP, “Tiny Hats,” and a couple singles, including this new plucky one, “Decoration/Currency,” detailing some of their misgivings about “the city of sex and debt,” while they rally support for their climb into the top-10 finalists of the “House of Vans: Share The Stage” competition.

||| Stream: “Decoration/Currency”

||| Also: Stream their previous single “Velvet”

||| Live: Girl Friday perform Sept. 26 at Junior High and Sept. 29 at The Factory.