Video: Moon Honey, ‘Life Has No Meaning’

Moon Honey (Photo by Sheva Kafai)

Moon Honey’s long-awaited new album “Mixed Media on Woman” arrives next week. Those who have caught the L.A. ensemble helmed by Jess Joy and Andrew Martin (some of whom appear in the video for “Life Has No Meaning”) thrill at the band’s wild theatricality, handmade stage garb and, of course, music, which could be imagined as the prog-metal soundtrack to the sequel to “Through the Looking Glass” staged in old opera house in New Orleans. (With the Marshall stacks hidden.)

The video was a collaboration between Joy and visual artist Rayana Chumthong. “In face of adversity, we wanted to make a piece that applauded pleasure, encouraged ourselves and others to live with levity, and held love and friendship as the highest of life aspirations,” Joy told Audiofemme, where the video premiered. “I wanted the video to be a sacred ritual of sorts, in that it recorded and honored real emotions, real friends and real transformation. The actors are our friends, who came over to my sister Krimsey Ramsey’s house to film in exchange for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, curry and laughs. The person who played the grim reaper, Dylan Tirapelli-Jamail, was so committed that he volunteered to be permanently tattooed with ‘Life Has No Meaning,’ as I was also being physically transformed through my monarch tattoo. I’m really grateful to be surrounded by so many rad people. There are some hard realities to swallow in life, but through imagination and friendship, we are able to create our own meaning and reasons to be alive. We’re having some fun along the way.”

||| Watch: The video for “Life Has No Meaning”

||| Live: Moon Honey celebrates the album release with a show Sept. 28 at the Echo, joined by HOTT MT, Black Flamingo and SLUGS. Tickets.

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