Video premiere: Winslow, ‘Out of My Head’


Los Angeles is a good place to lose your … head. Or your heart, or both. The music of fledgling duo Winslow tells of “stories of heartbreak and loss in L.A.”

It’s the work of Kate Miner (of the folk-rock band Miner) and Briana Lane, who spent more than a year writing songs in a garage studio on Winslow Drive in Silver Lake. They’ve released four singles of modern synth-pop so far, including “Out of My Head,” which, they explain, comes from being torn “between the desire to be with someone and wanting to forget they ever existed.”

You have only to read the expressions on the faces of Miner and Lane in the powerful video for “Out of My Head” to feel the ache too. The video is the work of director Nora Kirkpatrick (of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and the creator of Hulu’s “Door No. 1”). It’s meant to “visualize how love and jealousy can cause us to lose our vision of ourselves as we try to become the ‘perfect’ version we think the world, or person we love, wants us to be,” the band says. “We may feel we are just another girl, or boy, the corners shaved off our personalities until we all become versions of the same person. The man is represented by a mannequin to focus on the women in the story, seemingly interchangeable in his eyes and revolving around the same goal.”

Guys, if you have seen very many of these faces before, maybe it’s time for a talk.

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