Stream: Ian Sweet, ‘Holographic Jesus’

Ian Sweet (Photo by Kelsey Hart)
Ian Sweet (Photo by Kelsey Hart)

Imagine the heavy, shoegaze sounds of Nothing paired with a sweet, angelic female voice, and you may just visualize this “Holographic Jesus” of which Jilian Medford sings. “Holographic Jesus” is the third single to be released from Medford’s project, Ian Sweet, whose new album “Crush Crusher” comes out Oct. 26 via Hardly Art.

“Crush Crusher” is the second full-length from Ian Sweet, fka IAN, who started in Boston when Medford was attending Berklee College of Music, then moved to Brooklyn and now to L.A.

Of the song, Medford says “‘Holographic Jesus’ is a song based around collecting holographic Jesus posters from various bodegas and dollar stores while living in Brooklyn. I am in no way religious, but I hung them up all over my room and was constantly finding the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each one. You could turn your head the slightest and see an entirely different image reflected. I felt connected to that idea. Some people collect ceramic frogs or action figures, but I collect holographic Jesus posters. This song is about the things I went through in that room while these posters were, so to speak, ‘watching over me.’”

The song is an incredibly sensory experience that gives the listener a glimpse into Medford’s bedroom, inviting us to lay with her and really experience the colors and warmth she did from looking at those posters. The song is musically stunning, alternating between heavy and soft but sticking to its dreamy shoegaze, bedroom-pop nature. It’ll have you daydreaming in color.

||| Stream: “Holographic Jesus”

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