Stream: Luke Top, ‘The Dumb-Show’

Luke Top

‘The dumb-show’ is defined as “gestures used to convey a meaning or message without speech; mime,” according to the OED. “Something about that resonates with me,” says Luke Top, regarding the title track of his new EP. “I like to think of music and songwriting as a sort of external ‘miming’ of one’s most intimate personal stories.” But it’s a challenge to define one’s unique voice, outside or parallel to the influence of others, he goes on to explain. “The flip to side to that is that we have to figure out how to maintain our own independent thought and find truth in a world that is over-saturated with storytelling. This song emanates from a place of feeling drowned by the noise but journeys slowly towards hopefulness.”

This inward examination came out sounding phenomenally soothing on “The Dumb-Show.” It’s like swimming beneath a waterfall of Luke Top’s thoughts as they sprinkle down in a gentle rainbow of falsetto. His new 5-song EP comes out digitally and on vinyl by Grand Gallop and Org Music on October 19.

||| Stream: “The Dumb-Show”

||| Live: Luke Top’s record release show is Oct. 23 at Zebulon with Big Search and Laena Geronimo.

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