Stream: The Tracks, ‘Strange Moments’

The Tracks (photo by Vanessa Briones)

Blind-listening to “Strange Moments,” it would be an honest assumption to first think the Tracks were a British rock band, but East L.A. songwriter Venacio Bermudez grew up on Mariachi crooners like Vicente Fernandez — while also crediting the Strokes as an influence, evident in the chimey guitar and straight-on driving drum rhythm, who were in turn inspired by British rock bands, so there we go.

Named after a pivotal moment when Bermudez found himself busted up and bleeding on train tracks, four-piece band The Tracks are ready to release their debut full-length, “Treasured Memories,” this November 2nd. Produced by Lewis Pesacov, the songs were written and performed by Bermudez. His songs reflect the challenges of growing up in East L.A. The son of undocumented immigrants, Bermudez had to step up after the death of his father, a once celebrated Mariachi who struggled with alcoholism and abuse, and work tough jobs from a young age to help his mom and brother. That emotion and need for release comes through his voice when he sings. Bandmates and long-time friends Felipe Contreras, Jimmy Conde and Johnny Santana have their own stories, and channel all that energy to an ever-growing audience that will fill the Echo during the band’s November residency.

||| Stream: “Strange Moments”

||| Live: The Tracks perform free shows every Monday in November at The Echo.