Stream: Monogem, ‘Shade’


Monogem’s new single “Shade” isn’t about throwing any — it’s about the shadowy corners in which emotions (or overthinking) sometimes trap us. “I wrote ‘Shade’ on a day when I felt particularly bleak and dreary,” says the voice behind Monogem, Jen Hirsh. “Dark thoughts ran through my head about anything and everything: my artistry, my life, my body, my family, I was having one of those moments where nothing was right. As an artist, those days are more frequent than I’d like to admit. As a woman, I’ve felt pressure to cover up this little dark corner, put my face on and show up for the party. ‘Shade’ is a personal anthem that reminds me to stop hiding my truths, even if they aren’t pretty.”

Like the songs on last year’s free-flowing EP “100%,” “Shade” showcase’s Hirsh radiant voice and downtempo production, as the song starts with pizzicato plucks and then glides into sultry pop-noir territory. Sometimes, it turns out, you can just sing your way out of a corner.

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||| Live: Monogem performs Nov. 28 at It’s a School Night at Bardot.

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