Video: Gothic Tropic, ‘Your Soul’

Gothic Tropic at Resident (Photo by Lexi Bonin)
Gothic Tropic at Resident (Photo by Lexi Bonin)

Cecilia Della Peruti has had a busy year, mostly consumed by her duties as a touring member of Beck’s band. So the last big blast fans got from her own Gothic Tropic (besides a splendid summertime show) was their excellent 2017 album “Fast or Feast.”

Now Gothic Tropic has unveiled the video for one of the highlights from that record, “Your Soul,” an end-of-times story set on the eve of an apocalyptic solar event and starring a young boy named Matisse. As the story goes, he “discovers his divine purpose as one of the ‘Children Of The Sun,’ the final chapter of the supernatural lineage of gifted children (a la Indigo Children and Crystal Children) whose presence sedates mortals for a more blissful end.” The narrative certainly adds a deeper poignancy to Della Peruti’s crooned chorus, “I know your soul.”

Says Della Peruti, who wrote and directed the video: “I’m a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, so as I was putting this elaborate idea together knowing full well my budget and logistics, it was challenging to rely completely on Matisse and practical effects and circumstances to get the concept across. Everyone who worked on the video are my friends and collaborators, and I’m so lucky to have found young Matisse and his family. This VIP alien-angel character needed to be reverent without pride or ego, which I think Matisse completely owned. This was my first set, and I’m excited to keep going writing and directing, it’s been a fixation for a while.”

There is the promise of new music from Gothic Tropic in 2019; Della Peruti has been in the studio recently with Daniele Luppi (Danger Mouse, Parquet Courts, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Alex Goose (Weezer) and Carlos de la Garza (Cherry Glazerr, Paramore, Naked and Famous).

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