Ears Wide Open: Velvet Starlings

Velvet Starlings
Velvet Starlings

“The ’60s are back,” Christian Gisborne proclaimed last month on social media, “and the kids are alright.”

Gisborne is 15 years old and the self-titled EP that his band Velvet Starlings released today supports both his statements. Taking inspiration from the legendary artists of that era, “Velvet Starlings” offers a bell-bottomed seven songs that’ll bring a smile to a Baby Boomer’s face faster than an AARP discount.

While not oppressively reverent, the EP — produced in collaboration with Gisborne’s father, Roger, leader of the ’90s Britrock band Plastiscene — does contain the DNA of any number of British Invasion greats, including the Who, the Animals, the Kinks, the Rolling Stones and (of course) the Beatles. Highlights include the opening rave-up “If Life Ain’t Getting You High,” an exuberant anthem for any youth interested in high off guitar bands, the organ-drenched “Sold Down the River” and the EP closer “Before My Time Is Done,” which sounds like it was written by the star student in a Pete Townshend guitar class.

The young Gisborne is joined in the band by Ronnie Weiderman (bass/keyboards) and Michael Whitmore (drums).

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