Video premiere: Doctrin, ‘Ride With Me’


Dolly Denko is the another in a wave of Australian artists who in recent years have made Los Angeles their work station. The Melbourne native, working under the name Doctrin, kicked up some dust with a 2016 EP of moody, gritty pop, “The Deep.” And her latest single “Ride With Me,” continues the desert theme established in her 2017 single “Show You the Way.” Produced by Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones, Mellowdrone, Jane’s Addiction), “Ride with Me” has a distinctly muscle car feel to it.

“I was raised by a grease-monkey, rest his beautiful soul,” Denko explains. “Going to the Calder Park Thunderdome when I was kid, hanging with him in the garage working on cars, I’m sure I learned to drive before walking. This video is definitely for my dad, he’d love to see me making music and having fun in the desert, as we say in Australia, ‘chucking a doughy’ [doing a donut in American English]. He’s the catalyst for my moving to L.A. and pursuing this crazy dream.”

Relocating from Melbourne in 2016, she quickly found her niche among the local scene where she became a regular at the Hi Hat, Satellite and Harvard & Stone. She’ll be following up her theatrical “Haunted Dollhouse” performance at the Satellite with a Valentine-themed show in the coming year, and recording an EP as well.

“Ride With Me” will hit streaming services on Nov. 23.

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