Video: Cherry Glazerr, ‘Wasted Nun’

Cherry Glazerr (Photo by Pamela Littky)
Cherry Glazerr (Photo by Pamela Littky)

Drenched in blood, surrounded by flames, behind bars and wearing a nun’s habit with skimpy other things, Cherry Glazerr’s Clementine Creevy is one tortured creature in director Jess Calleiro’s video for the song “Wasted Nun.” “Music, blood, blades, babes,” the director says, offering this exclamation point-filled take on the song, which itself is an exclamation point. “Sometimes anger looks like a weird beautiful demon nun that wants to rip right through you! You’re not sure how she’ll do it, but you know you want her to! The soft and sharp of brutality makes you want to bite down on something and rip it off! Rip it up! Do something!”

For her part, Creevy explains that the explosive rocker “is about a woman trying to come to grips with her life. She’s a tragic woman. She hates herself and is trying to move through the world but gets deflated by extreme self-loathing. She wants to harness the power of the universe but instead she turns to self-destruction. The song is aggressive and intense because I’m letting out my anger, I’m enraged. People want girls to be strong, I want to be strong, but I just feel angry, and those are two very different things. There’s a stubbornness there, I know.”

The song is the latest to emerge from Cherry Glazerr’s third album, “Stuffed & Ready,” out Feb. 1 via Secretly Canadian. It’s an album fueled by the current political climate. “I am telling my story of how I feel and where I am in life,” Creevy explains of the follow-up to 2017’s “Apocalipstick.” “I’ve felt the need to explain my feelings … not just state them, but search for why I feel the way I do honestly. With ‘Apocalipstick,’ I was an over-confident teenager trying to solve the world’s problems. With ‘Stuffed & Ready,’ I’m a much more weary and perhaps a more cynical woman who believes you need to figure your own self out first.”

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