Photos: The Voidz, No Age and Promiseland at the Wiltern

The Voidz at the Wiltern, February 2nd, 2019. Photo by Michelle Shiers

Opening their set at the Wiltern on Saturday night with a snippet-cover of Kraftwerk’s “Europe Endless” the Voidz made sure to quickly show just how much this band is their musical playground. Helmed by the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, this noise-rock six-piece has been getting weird with no abandon for the past six years. Their second album, “Virtue,” was released in April of 2018 and is a good example of the Voidz’ impulses to call out unwanted powers in society and shatter the shackles of genre.

The response when the band emerged 30 minutes late was that of both relief and frenzy, though it seems like most of the screams were owed to getting to see one of the Strokes and less because of a musical cross-over. It did seem, though, like many were enjoying the guttural sounds of everything from metal ragers to peculiar pop with an enduring grind. Some fans were even brave enough to try and crowd-surf from the upper floor down to the pit.

On a darkly-lit stage, the Voidz performed a large number of songs from their most recent record including “Pyramid of Bones,” “Permanent High School,” “Pointlessness,” “Black Hole,” “Lazy Boy” and “QYURRYUS.” The experimental environment of the Voidz mixed with the familiar timbre of Casablancas, who hinged from the mic stand and tried not to be the center of attention, paved the way for a performance which was sonically abrasive but visually toned down. There was aggression, but it was mainly in the noise and the occasional maniacal stare from guitarist Jeramy Gritter or the thrashing of drummer Alex Carapetis. The rest was hidden in the shadows.

They closed their main set with “Where No Eagles Fly” from their 2014 debut album, “Tyranny,” and returned with “M.utually A.ssured D.estruction” and “Human Sadness,” both also from the first record.

The Voidz were supported by LA duo No Age and NYC’s Promiseland, who got his steps in for the week running up and down the venue, even through the lobby, with videographers chasing him during his set.

Photos by Michelle Shiers