Video premiere: Indiana Bradley, ‘Under the Night’

Indiana Bradley
Indiana Bradley

Timothy Bradley comes from deep in the Midwest — hence his musical moniker, Indiana Bradley — and his singing voice comes from god-knows-where. It’s a gravitas-drenched baritone reminiscent of other denizens of lower registers, such as Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, Brad Roberts, Matt Berninger and Mark Lanegan (though Bradley is probably some whiskeys and smokes away from the latter).

After living in several countries from Argentina to South Africa to Indonesia, Bradley settled Los Angeles in 2017 and released his first single, “Red River,” last year. It’s a chilling murder ballad about a friend who was killed in a drug deal gone band, with the songwriter’s ache evident in not just the somber piano and vocal but in a swirling guitar solo.

“Under the Night” is Bradley’s second foray into the darkness, a piano-driven contemplation recorded at WAX LTD Studios (the former TTG, where Jimi Hendrix, the Doors and others worked) with Darren Elpant playing drums, Sean Lampon on guitars and bass and Seth Olansky engineering. If, as the video suggests, you’ve ever just ridden the Metro in the wee hours just to clear your head, “Under the Night” will resonate.

The chorus harks back to the songwriter’s “late teens, laying outdoors on a blanket talking with my girlfriend and first love. I was strangely more at peace as a teenager than an adult,” Bradley says. “I thought it was supposed to be the reverse.”

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