Video: Wargirl, ‘How You Feel’


“Nobody else sounds like us, and yet we sound like the environment we come from,” says Matt Wignall of WARGIRL.

He’s right on both counts. Wignall is the musician, producer and visual artist who masterminded WARGIRL starting in 2016 and now presides over the six-piece collective. The lineup has changed a bit since the band released its “Arboleta” EP in 2018, but it remains as diverse as the city WARGIRL reps, Long Beach.

Now fronted by dynamo Samantha Parks (daughter of James Lafayette Parks, the leader of the ’70s funk band Bull & the Matadors), the band features guitarist Wignall, bassist Tamara Raye,  keyboardist Enya Preston and two percussionists Erick Diego Nieto and Jeff Suri.

And after making noise (and friends) overseas over the past year and a half, Wargirl’s self-titled album will finally see its North American release on April 19. (It was released in Europe last October.) It’s an album that boosts the the blood flow. Coursing through vintage garage-rock, post-punk, Afro-beat, girl-group pop, psych-funk and dance music, “Wargirl” is both powerful and empowering, raw and real. Put it on with cool kids like Nick Waterhouse, Dexter Story and Claude Fontaine and prepare to sweat a little.

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||| Live: WARGIRL celebrate their album elease with a free show on April 20 at House of Machines in downtown L.A.

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