Video: Bedouine, ‘Echo Park’

Bedouine (Photo by Tom Salvaggio)
Bedouine (Photo by Tom Salvaggio)

In a golden kernel of a song that, in essence, defines Echo Park as the new bohemian haven akin to Laurel Canyon of decades past “[as] long as [her] rent don’t climb,” Bedouine (née Azniv Korkejian) has penned the perfect song in appreciation of the place she finally calls home.

“‘Echo Park’ started as kind of a joke,” says the singer-songwriter and guitarist, “I was annoyed that my usual café was busy and there was nowhere to sit. I turned back around to my apartment, picked up the guitar and started riffing on the neighborhood — it ended up being a really fun tune. I love my neighborhood but the rate at which things change can make your head spin. This song is about hanging on for dear life.”

The song is from her second album, “Bird Songs of a Killjoy,” to be released on June 21 via Spacebomb. Many of the album’s tracks are culled from the collection of songs she and Gus Seyffert (Beck, Norah Jones, The Black Keys, Michael Kiwanuka) collaborated on after a chance meeting from her sound design work a few years ago. After locking herself in her house and dealing with personal turmoil, 30 songs were written. Bedouine explains further, “I don’t wanna call this a sequel. It’s not necessarily a continuation, but it’s not a departure, either. There’s just so much there that I am still proud of that I didn’t want to put aside just because it came from the same time.” 

The blissful video — shot, directed and edited by Tom Salvaggio — features familiar landmarks of east Sunset Boulevard, the Victorians of Angelino Heights, the weekly farmers market, murals, shelves and caffeinated perusers at Stories Bookstore, a drive through the Elysian hills and a picnic with several fellow local female musicians at the most central meeting point, Echo Park Lake.

Find a patch of park grass, lay a blanket down and watch Bedouine’s musical narration of the ever-changing neighborhood.

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