Premiere: Geographer, ‘Just Wanna Dance’

Geographer (Photo by Brittany O'Brien)
Geographer (Photo by Brittany O'Brien)

The geographical narrative of Geographer’s latest EP “New Jersey” is well-known: In 2018, after a decade in San Francisco, Mike Deni packed his bags and traveled, spending time in his native New Jersey before relocating to Los Angeles.

The singer-songwriter turned the tour of his old haunts into the sweeping cinema for which Geographer’s music is known — a blend of the electronic and organic that looks melancholy squarely in the eye and wins the staredown.

Now, perhaps, Deni is turning the page. The new single “Just Wanna Dance” might qualify as the slickest banger in Geographer’s three-album, three-EP catalog. It’s a collaboration with CLARA-NOVA’s Sydney Wayser (not the first time they’ve gotten their heads together) and the Guest and the Host’s Andrew Heringer. From Wayser’s bright vocals to the even-brighter guitar riffs, “Just Wanna Dance” is just what it is — a call to cut loose.

So let’s:

||| Stream: “Just Wanna Dance”

||| Also: Watch the video for “Love Is Wasted in the Dark”

||| Live: Geographer plays tonight and Wednesday at the Moroccan Lounge. Tuesday tickets; Wednesday tickets.