Stream: Ty Segall, ‘Ice Plant’

Ty Segall (Photo by Denée Segall)
Ty Segall (Photo by Denée Segall)

Ty Segall has released the third and final single, “Ice Plant” off of the forthcoming full-length “First Taste” — his 11th to date. On “Ice Plant” the preternaturally fecund artist does away with the guitars (and virtually all instrumentation for that matter) and dons some rose-tinted shades. Featuring a vocal assist from Shannon Lay, the newly minted member of his Freedom Band, the track instead undulates through the melodic layering of their harmonies, harking back to simpler times. “‘Ice Plant’ is a fever dream reflection of my childhood. . . A past no more. Was very fun to sing with the amazing Shannon Lay,” comments Segall. “My neighborhood in Laguna Beach was and still is covered in ice plants and eucalyptus trees that would fall on our family’s car and stain the paint job. One winter we tried to surf down the ice plant hills.”

In its stark simplicity, “Ice Plant’s” arrangement stands apart from “First Taste’s” first two singles, “Taste” in all its murderous fuzz and the lush tapestry of “Radio.” Take a step back further and you’ll see that “First Taste’s” introspection takes off from 2018’s gregarious “Freedom’s Goblin.” Written and recorded with the koto, recorder, bouzouki, harmonizer, mandolin, saxophones and brass — and featuring dual drummers (Segall on the left, Charles Moothart on the right) — “First Taste” weaves eclectic instrumentation into a lush nostalgia that confronts the past and greets the future.

“First Taste” is out Aug. 2 via Drag City.

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||| Live: Ty Segall and the Freedom Band begin their 10-show “First Taste” residency at the Teragram Ballroom on Friday, July 26 (playing every Friday thereafter until Sept. 27). Tickets.