Video premiere: Big Search, ‘Wire Walker’

Big Search

“Slow Fascination,” the new album from Big Search, was truly the result of a big search. Songwriter Matt Popieluch imagined the songs while on something of a post-divorce vision quest: He traveled both stateside and abroad, did manual labor, worked in a soup kitchen and house-sat, all while weaving together what feels like a dream sequence of psychedelic folk. It’s a dream from which you wake up hopeful, or at least more resolute.

Popieluch, the onetime frontman of Foreign Born who has gone on to play with the likes of Cass McCombs, Sky Ferreira, Fool’s Gold and Papercuts, among others — acknowledges that some of the cuts on the album are the result of stream-of-consciousness writing, or what he calls “a dream journey.” “Wire Walker” is one of them. It’s a song that ebbs and flows on rivulets of harpsichord, carrying the listener in and out of the dream.

Fitting for the song is Leanna Kaiser’s video, an animated sequence of graphics and posterized images that incrementally reveal the songwriter. It is perhaps not for the photosensitive, but it might be for anyone on a really big search who feels as if important revelations only come in a flash, and they are all too fleeting.

||| Watch: the video for “Wire Walker”

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