Stream: Orchin, ‘My Wish’

Orchin, in April at the Echoplex (Photo by S. Lo)

There’s a hole in Jeremy McLennan’s heart where caring used to be.

That’s the melancholy that the L.A.-reared Australian singer-songwriter turns into four minutes of dream-pop splendor on “My Wish,” his new single as Orchin. Over a simple but pretty guitar progression and gently oscillating effects, McLennan simply oozes regret, repeating “I wish I had it all back” as the tune ebbs and flows.

It’s a more refined and restrained sound than the shoegazing on Orchin’s early work — “My Wish” is the band’s first new music since 2017. It’s also the lead track on “Serene,” the debut album that will be released Aug. 30 via Terrible Records.

The video for the McLennan-produced tune was directed by Nathan Castiel.

||| Stream: “My Wish”

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||| Live: Orchin plays a free show tonight at Zebulon to celebrate the single release. Also, Orchin opens for Hatchie on Sept. 21 at the Echoplex. Tickets.

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