Photos: Ty Segall and Freedom Band at the Teragram Ballroom

Ty Segall and Freedom Band (Photo by Zane Roessell)
Ty Segall and Freedom Band (Photo by Zane Roessell)

“Now I want to come to all of them!”

Despite being the second of his 10-show Friday night residency, Ty Segall had no issue packing the Teragram Ballroom to the gills (and then some). Accompanied by the Freedom Band, his collection of musical cohorts and collaborators, Ty Segall summited a two-hour set packing in a staggering 25 songs. Kicking off with selections from his latest and 12th full-length “First Taste,” the Freedom Band later cracked into 2010’s “Melted.”

Early in the set, the electric squall subsided momentarily for his latest single “Ice Plant.” Nestled in the trademark chaos, the dynamic shift silenced the previously raucous Teragram into an almost religious reverie. The moment, so emotionally charged and strikingly intimate stole the crowd. With that aside, it was back to classic Segall — vacillating between sun-bleached garage and tripped-out lushness of his more recent fare. A manic crescendo precipitated as the night wore on, nearly half the audience bobbing and thrashing as crowd surfers soared overhead in increasing numbers. For those that say rock is dead, you’ve got eight more chances to see the resurrection.

Richard Rose, the latest project of Chris Shaw (GØGGS, Ex-Cult) and Orville Neeley (OBN III) opened the night with a blast of Stooges-eque face-melters. Replete with saxophone, Richard Rose stretched their songs to the point of seamlessness. Shaw, in classic fashion, delivered in his laidback bark — dragging himself across the stage in an undead shuffle.

Photos and recap by Zane Roessell