Photos: Maggie Rogers at the Greek Theatre

Maggie Rogers at the Greek Theatre. (Photo by Zane Roessell)
Maggie Rogers at the Greek Theatre. (Photo by Zane Roessell)

Twenty-five-year-old powerhouse Maggie Rogers blew into L.A.’s Greek Theatre on Thursday night as part of her (continually) expanded “Heard It In A Past Life” tour. Playing songs off of her smash-hit debut full-length of the same name, the vocal dynamo stunned the sold-out crowd.

No stranger to pageantry, Rogers anted up, beginning her set silhouetted behind a satin curtain as she revved the crowd with an extended vocal intro that culminated in a dramatic Kabuki drop. Clad in a satin jumpsuit and diaphanous butterfly cape, Rogers exploded onto the stage with full swagger, skipping, strutting and sashaying her way across its full expanse in total ownership. The stunned crowd (if not singing along intently) was left mouth agape in their attempt to grasp the spectacle before them. 

Though playing under a blanket of stars, none shone brighter than Ms. Rogers.

Minnesota indie rock duo Now, Now opened playing songs off their latest release, 2018’s “Saved” (their first album in six years). Their reinvented guitar-pop sound was a perfect complement with vocalist Cacie Delager’s breathy delivery offering a welcomed contrast to Rogers’ go-for-broke howl.

Maggie Rogers setlist: Color Song, Fallingwater, Burning, Say It, The Knife, Give A Little, On + Off, Dog Years, Split Stones (reprise), Past Life, Overnight, Retrograde, Back In My Body, Would You Believe Me Now, Light On. Encore: Alaska.

Photos and recap by Zane Roessell