Stream: Isle & Fever, ‘Room to Breathe’ and ‘Enuff’

Isle & Fever

Isle & Fever might not be an everyday project for Donald Eley and Tiger Smith, but every time the duo releases music, you know what they’re all about: shimmering, carefree and briskly paced indie-pop crafted from vintage synths, propulsive bass and sundry, understated effects. It’s a sunny, disco vibe — as if everybody at Poolside’s party had their drinks spiked with caffeine.

The duo returned Friday with a new five-song EP, “Room to Breathe.” And indeed there is ample breathing room in their spacious synth-pop. The title track takes the party to outer space, with warm, bubbling synths and samples of dispatches from NASA headquarters to Discovery. Guitarist Antoine Diligent adds a little extra flavor to “Enuff,” a song that warns, “Don’t believe everything you dream.” Somehow, they don’t make that sound too dire.

Open the windows, summer’s not really over.

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