Photos: Hatchie at the Echoplex

Hatchie at the Echoplex. (Photo by Zane Roessell)
Hatchie at the Echoplex. (Photo by Zane Roessell)

Australian dream-pop darling Hatchie (Harriette Pilbeam) touched down at the Echoplex Saturday night, playing in support of her debut album “Keepsake,” released in June. Summoning a shimmering kaleidoscope of chorus-pedal guitar, wavering synth and her mellifluously airy vocals, Hatchie veils profound longing with aplomb. The effects leaves your brain twisting the same way you tongue a cut on the roof of your mouth.

Between songs, the Brisbane native, who was battling a cold, mentioned that on tour they’ve been playing the “Would You Rather” game in the van — then asking the crowd “would you rather be smexy and live one more year, or be fugly and immortal?” She added, “We can put it to a vote after this song.”

With the crowd yelling back with a resounding “fugly,” Pilbeam blushes, “You guys! Weirdos!”

Direct support Orchin, the musical moniker of Aussie Jeremy McLennan played songs off his August release and debut album “Serene.” Stepping back from his shoegaze beginnings, McLennan’s reinvention in dream-pop melancholia proved a strong contrast to Hatchie’s brighter sound.

Openers Storefront Church, the music outfit of singer-songwriter-producer Lukas Frank, painted a haunting tableau of indie decadence, lush, dramatic and atmospheric in a universe all its own. The only shame was that the crowd didn’t get there sooner.

Photos and recap by Zane Roessell