Video: Edith Crash, ‘Running’

Edith Crash (Photo by Florencio P. Marano)

Ever since she started mesmerizing audiences with her one-woman show, singer-songwriter Edith Crash has carved a distinctive swath through the L.A. scene. Born in the south of France, having spent her teen years in Spain and singing to local crowds in French and Spanish, she turns the most skeletal of music — voice, guitar, drum beats — into tense, dark drama. Her songs often play out like chase scenes of the emotions.

With today’s release of the video for the new single “Running,” Crash announced that her new album “Frenzy” will be out Nov. 1, with vinyl available from Light in the Attic. The album, her fourth, was made with co-producer Jeff Berner (Psychic TV), the songwriter’s frequent collaborator Alain Johannes (who produced 2015’s “Partir”) and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

While “Partir” was steeped in the grief Crash felt after the death of her mother, the new album reveals a broader array of emotions, expanding the artist’s sound and, she says, reflecting the chaos of her adopted home.

“‘Frenzy’ is about an emotional agitation going from extreme euphoria to madness, flirting with all the feelings in between in an unstoppable whirl, craving to devour every second of life,” she says. “Before writing this record, I literally witnessed the passing of two of the most important persons in my life. This and the energy of L.A really shaped the songs. This city can be a tornado of so much doing and achieving, this is also such an extreme place where the most beautiful and horrifying stories coexist.”

Some of that is brought to life in the video for “Running” (sung in English), which was directed by Vice Cooler and filmed in downtown L.A. outside the Smell. It stars Jillian Roses, Moira McFadden, Lauren Peterson and Crash, and like a day in the L.A. life, it’ll leave you out of breath, as if you were “running, running everywhere.”

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