Video premiere: Nick Flessa, ‘Hell’s Bells’

Nick Flessa

Nick Flessa makes Everyman rock, part country and part classic, with varying degrees of sardonic wit and outsider sadness in his rich baritone narratives.

It’s no surprise, then, that the native Midwesterner and director Sarah Rattay-Maloney take a tongue-in-cheek view of the horror genre in the video for “Hell’s Bells,” which unlike the AC/DC tune of the same title is a bar crawl of a song. Flessa, clad in his best denim, performs on a small stage amid faux flames to a small crowd of puppets, who take a morbid delight in what eventually transpires.

The tune is from Flessa’s latest EP, “Shootin the Shit,” which, like his 2018 full-length “Flyover States,” found the singer-songwriter again working with producer-engineer Neil Wogensen. As Flessa sings in “Xmas Song,” “I am no internet band,” and thanks for that. Pour yourself something strong for “Shootin’s” four songs.

||| Watch: The video for “Hell’s Bells”

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||| Live: Nick Flessa plays Thursday at the Satellite, along with Hawk Percival & Friends and Bones Muhroni. Tickets. He also opens for Carriers on Nov. 5 at the Hi Hat. Tickets.