Video: Jenny Lewis, ‘Rabbit Hole’

Jenny Lewis

Touring nearly nonstop after releasing her fourth solo album, “On the Line,” in March, Jenny Lewis, in her latest video for the song “Rabbit Hole,” shows that she’s not retreating into the shadows anytime soon. She does dance with them, though.

Directed by Eric Notarnicola, the video was shot live during her three-hour “On The Line Online” webcast raising money for the Downtown Women’s Center earlier this year (with the help of Vanessa Bayer, Tim Heidecker, St. Vincent, David Arquette, Natasha Leggero, Nikki Lane, Jerry Cohen and more joining in the festivities). 

Try if you can to spot the cameos from Mac DeMarco and King Tuff, as all except Lewis, including her band, are dressed head-to-toe in black, kuroko style. It puts the singer-songwriter– and her own life– in sharp relief against dalliances and possible longer-term relationships that could turn into pitholes. The pop-strong, country-folk-inflected number is perhaps a good anthem for resisting slide-backs into relationships that don’t serve our own lives, as Lewis sings, “I’m not gonna go down the rabbit hole with you… again / Bad habits will be broken / Boy, I have kicked a few / And seven days off the dope and I’ll be good as new.” With a new clear-headed mindfulness, Lewis is ready to focus on her own path forward, and this time she’s strong enough to avoid close calls that even had her “second-guessing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.” We concur that’s a good one to avoid.

||| Watch: The video for “Rabbit Hole”

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