Video: Royaljag, ‘Dangerous’

Royalag (Photo by Bethany Pangilinan)

While we were feasting on Thursday, San Bernardino trio Royaljag — aka the pride of the 909 — were premiering their new video for the song “Dangerous.”

It’s sweeter than apple pie a la mode. The band — twins Jay and Roland Garcia and best friend David Ajoku — make feel-good music influenced by R&B, funk, disco and pop. Their second EP, “I Don’t Know How I Got Here,” came out in September, offering a half-dozen tracks of silky-smooth melodies, wrap-around synths and buttery crooning straight outta high school dances in the ’80s and ’90s.

Director Cristian Quintanilla’s video for “Dangerous” is all about good times with friends. Roann Mesina stands in as “lead singer,” and she’s joined by pals Kyndall Carter, Rachel Barocio, Rebecca Gomez and Abigail Gallanes, who along with the band, get in some quality hang time. It’s a little reminiscent of Spike Lee’s work and the video for New Edition’s “Cool It Now.” Enjoy.

||| Watch: The video for “Dangerous”

||| Live: Royaljag opens for Jasper Bones on Feb. 14 at the Roxy. Tickets.

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