Video: Chela, ‘Delivery’


Chela first became a staple on the soundtracks at L.A. summertime parties as the siren on Goldroom’s breakout anthem “Fifteen” back in 2012.

Since then, the L.A.-based Australian, born Chelsea Wheatley, has released but a trickle of singles, some for the French label Kitsuné, done more collaborations (including on “Nothing Matters” from Goldroom’s new album) and wriggled to find space in a crowded universe of dance-pop artists.

In November, though, Chela released a new four-song EP, “Delivery,” via Minerva Music, the label helmed by Goldroom’s Josh Legg and RAC’s André Allen Anjos. It’s a four-song starburst of straight-up ’80s homage, bright and free-spirited, as if a Tiffany song were playing on the jukebox and somebody pressed “skip ahead three decades.”

Speaking of skipping ahead, the video for “Delivery,” directed by Chela, shot by Stefan Duscio and art-directed by Marni Kornhauser, transports the viewer to a futuristic nightclub where a holographic Chela and her dance ensemble make a strong connection with a patron, portrayed by Joao Marcolla. If only one could dial up a club experience — not to mention get that kind of service at the bar — so easily. Maybe by the time we’re driving hovercars, somebody will have that figured out.

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