Stream: The Red Pears, ‘Dreams’

The Red Pears

Capping a year in which they played the Sonora Tent at Coachella and headlined Echo Park Rising, El Monte trio the Red Pears released a new EP on Friday. It contains the single “Dreams,” which is appropriate since 2019 has been that kind of year for Henry Vargas, Jose Corona and Patrick Juarez.

And it’s titled “Alicia,” which is appropriate since both Vargas’ and Corona’s mothers are named Alicia. Plus … moms.

“The EP wasn’t necessarily made for them but more dedicated to them,” the band says. “We feel like naming the EP after our moms’ names was more of a thank-you to them. A thank-you for always supporting us, a thank-you for never giving up on us, a thank-you for raising us the way they did, and for helping us be the people we are today.

“Although we have similar upbringings, but different lifestyles, we’ve always felt like we connected and related to the way our moms educated us and raised us. They both have always emphasized humbleness, being appreciative, being grateful and being thankful. Knowing about their struggles and sacrifices to make a living here in this country have always pushed us and encouraged us to want more and to dream big. … It just felt like the right time to do it because of all of the opportunities that we have been getting and are now getting, and with all of our accomplishments to this point. They’re a big part and reason behind it. All of this wouldn’t be possible without them to begin with.”

Musically, the new EP finds the Red Pears following squarely in the footsteps of bands like the Strokes and a lot of garage-rock made by their peers. For a barometer of how far they’ve come, though, one need only compare this week’s “Dreams” to its rough original version that the Red Pears put up on Soundcloud not long after forming in 2014. Some “Dreams” can come true.

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