Ears Wide Open: Westerly


L.A.-by-way-of-Berkeley sextet Westerly (Sterling Spence on guitar and vocals, Leah Woodard on vocals, Gordon Allen on vocals and fiddle, Brandon Seinturier on percussion, Jeff Peck on bass and Scott Wilson on lead guitar) have pulled their wagon southward recently and landed in a good spot with their fresh-faced brand of countrified indie rock. Their latest EP, “Rags and Ribbons,” released Nov. 29, explores the earnest yearnings and growing pains of love. It begins with the anthemic “Build,” a paean to finding that person that inspires putting down stakes and setting down foundations upon which to build dreams. “Down to the Filter” follows with a countrified plate of troubled love. And “Shakin'” is a classic bluesy hip-shaker ready to exit through the back door. Such is love in the modern age, EP-length, from start to finish. For the band at least, it’s a hopeful start to what they have to offer.

||| Watch: The video for “Shakin'”

||| Also: Listen to the full EP “Rags and Ribbons”