Popular With Us 2019: Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of the Year

Cover image by Drew Graham via unsplash.com

One thing you can say about the 2019 edition of Buzz Bands LA’s Favorite 101 Songs of the Year: There’s a lot more where these came from.

As is our habit this time of year, we began with a folder of more than 250 songs — most of which we wrote about on this site and/or played on our radio shows — and whittled it down to six hours of music that reps the L.A. independent scene we try to cover. The playlist is arranged in reverse order, from song No. 101 to No. 1. So count it down. Spread it around. Enjoy it. Leave a comment upbraiding us for omissions.

Happy old year.

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Oh, the browser player doesn’t quite make it to No. 1. Here it is: